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Complete Home Inspection
Unlike cars, homes are not consistently made with quality control. Through the years there have been hundreds of builders in our area who have employed thousands of people in building construction. Mix in the weather, age and location of the home and quality of maintenance, and you end up with a home that is at an unknown condition. We do not do a quick glance at the home. Instead, we spend 2.5 hours and up, even on smaller homes, in order to be certain that the inspection is thorough.

Why so much time? You just never know what you are going find and the only way to find it is to take the time to look. Every house, new or old has maintenance issues that need to be followed.

A new house may be built in such a way that sheathing at the roof eaves is going to deteriorate within a few years, poor application of roof shingles, exterior doors installed such that they can be easily removed when locked, plumbing drains running uphill, unusual foundation cracks, poor venting of attic, poor slope on soil grade around the house that will force rain runoff towards the foundation, etc.

An older home may look really good but in reality has just been given a quick paint job over some serious issues. Without proper ongoing maintenance a 40 year old house will have as many problems as a 40 year old car.

Flipping a house usually means putting the least amount of dollars into it and hiding as many problems as you can.

Repossessed houses sometimes have owners who deliberately damaged them out of spite.

What we look for: During the first hour we’ll be looking around the entire perimeter for signs of damaged siding, window and door problems, moisture damage, electrical service alterations and inadequacies, soil grade issues, foundation/earth quake problems, poor deck and stair attachment, roof edge deterioration, safe electrical outlets, hose bibs working, etc. Then it’s up on the roof to look for deteriorated sheathing, improper materials for the slope, leaking penetrations, deteriorated flues and chimneys, lack of slope, poor gutter condition, worn out materials that could require a complete new roof, etc.

Second hour is looking over the interior checking water supply and drainage at each plumbing fixture, past or present signs of leakage, soft spots in flooring, out of level floors, electrical outlets not wired correctly, interior electrical sub panels that have been altered, heating and water heater systems operating correctly, bath enclosure leakage issues, interior water leaks at windows and ceilings. Then up into the attic to see the underside of the roof structure, adequate ventilation, signs of leakage present, are there dangerous electrical wires present, old deteriorated wiring that is not evident at the service panel, bath and kitchen vents emptying into the attic that should be going through the roof, abandoned chimneys waiting to fall over, cracked or altered roofing supports, insulation present, etc.

Then, finally, into the crawl area, which is the least likely area to ever have been inspected. Looking for plumbing leaks, moisture damaged sub floor, damaged joists and beams, sinking foundation supports, poor electrical installations, poor venting, excess moisture entry, deteriorated heater ducting, deteriorated insulation, abandoned floor heaters, etc.

Our report may have 50 items of concern. Are you worried about them? That’s up to you. My own house has some areas of concern. I repaired the ones that I feel are important. We do not know what you are worried about so we will name all the areas on our reports for you to decide. Many times the owners of the house you are considering buying do not even know of the problems. They may be selling the house as is, but did not know that the heater is 10 years beyond its expected life or that the roof needs replacement. So, it is prudent to know what “As is” means. Perhaps they will adjust their price after all.

Be a more informed buyer, owner, landlord, or financer
Just as when buying a vehicle it is advantageous to have an unbiased person familiar with body work and mechanics look your vehicle over, it is of great advantage to have someone certified and continually educated in home inspections let you know the condition of any house you are considering buying.


“You did an amazing job on this report. You are truly professional. Thank you for going out so quickly for me even in the bad weather. I’m so glad I had the home inspection. I’m very concerned that the home is going to take a lot to bring it up to where it should be. Thought I’d rent it out till I retired. I don’t think from your report though that the place would be safe to put someone in it.”

– Mary, Eureka

“Using the services of Six Rivers Inspections may have been the best decision I made during the home buying process. Their report was thorough, detailed and objective. Buying an older home can be risky, but Six Rivers Inspections reduced that risk by making me aware of the accurate condition of the home. Their report provided reasons for the severity of the conditions found and a general idea of the costs that could be incurred in repairing the conditions. This knowledge provided me a strong bargaining chip when negotiating the selling price of my home. Their fees are reasonable and their attention to detail saved me a bundle. I highly recommend Six Rivers Inspections to anyone purchasing an older home.”

– Stephen A., Eureka

“Denny, Your inspection was very thorough and the Smith family was very pleased with your services. Thank you for doing such a great job. The report was both organized, and easy to follow. The clear pictures helped us all to visualize the described area. Thank you for paying such close attention to details throughout. I definitely will continue to recommend your services in the future, and I know the Smith family will do the same!”

– Crystal Town, 8/16/10

“Easy for us to recommend Six Rivers Inspections, and Mr. Denny Waters. Time is seemingly no object as he prowls the property looking at all the details. His reports, with photos, and narrative, are “user friendly”, and written in plain English. Any follow up questions gladly answered or explained.”

– Joshua Kinch and Lez Waker
Owners/ Sweet Home Realty

“Six Rivers Inspections was prompt, thorough, and informative. I would use their service again.

David Callow

“Denny Waters of Six Rivers Inspections performed an inspection on my first home here in McKinleyville. He was very thorough and explained everything directly to me by showing and advising what needs to be repaired. He also provided very clear photographs which helped to later follow up on his inspection. He was kind, clear, and professional. I recomend him whole-heartedly. Thanks Denny!



About the Owner/Operator

Owner and Certified CREIA Inspector, Denny Waters, was the senior property damage inspector for the AAA Insurance Claims Department in Eureka, California, for 23 years. His region covered Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Prior to working at AAA, Denny attended college at University of Nevada-Reno and Chico State maintaining a 3.8 GPA in Pre-Veterinary courses while attending UNR.

Before college, Denny was a member of the Heavenly Valley Ski Race team. A letter from the president of that organization (see the letter below), is a testament to the dedication that Denny put into skiing when he was a young man. He does inspections with similar enthusiasm. He’d say he gets his technical aptitude from his dad, who is a mechanical engineer, but some of it might come from his son, who is also a mechanical engineer.

Denny has specialized in home inspections since 2005. He was the highest scoring I.T.A. vocational school graduating student ever, and easily passed his CREIA certification exam on the first try. Let his background of discovering damages, faulty construction, life threatening safety issues, constant nuisance maintenance, and the likelihood of future repairs help you determine your final thoughts concerning purchasing or maintaining a home.

Here are just a few of the things you don’t want to get surprised with:

A roof that needs replacement. Maybe all three layers need to be removed and could have faulty support underneath.

Siding that is very susceptible to moisture damage that may require complete replacement and, of course, repainting.

Antiquated electrical systems that need complete replacement or have been compromised by renters or previous owners’ horticultural endeavors.

Old plumbing that is on the verge of needing complete replacement.

Sunken foundation parts that are allowing the floors to be way out of level.

Low window sills or inadequate railings to decks that would allow a long fall to the ground.

What’s a deal killer?
Some realtors would describe a Home Inspector as a deal killer if that inspector points out so many problems with a house that it scares a client away. All homes have problems or potential problems that should be addressed. I looked at a house once that a senior lady was going to buy. It looked very good at first glance, but then I noticed that the front door was offset from the steps in front of it, there was wood siding moisture damage behind the good looking paint, there were abnormally high spots in the interior flooring to trip on, the crawl space showed evidence of 4+ inches of standing water in it at times, the roofing was finished such that it allowed water damage to occur, there was water damage to walls in a bathroom, drain lines not flowing downhill, a sewer vent not exiting through the roof, and more. The realtor told me after reading my report and seeing pictures to verify these problems that they would never have hired me had they known that I was going to present a report like that, especially with all those pictures. Now they were going to have to go back out to the house and explain why all those pictures are of no concern.

That is what some realtors call a deal killer. Other realtors appreciate it and want their client to know exactly what they are getting into. Wouldn’t you want to know about these deficiencies? Now you can more accurately decide what a house is worth to you before you buy it.

Aletter of commendation from the president of Heavenly Valley Ski Club

Things to consider when you want to buy a new home


When you buy a new home you have to plan every single detail in advance and make sure you do not let anything out. For many people this is a one-time opportunity, and you don’t want to have any regrets after signing the papers. You don’t want to say to yourself “Next time I’ll do it differently”, there might not be a next time. When you make big decisions in your life you want to be in optimal health. There is no better way to ensure that than to have Thyromine as the main supplement for your diet. This natural health aid coupled with the following tips will help you pick the right home for you and your family.

Move in a new home

Take your time. Unless you are pressured by legal matters, do not rush your decision! Picking the wrong property is easy if you do not take the time to study the market, find a suitable location and get a foreseeable idea about how the area will look in 15-20 years. Try to find a region that has potential to grow and become financially profitable if you want to sell the house someday.

Make sure that you are in good health when making this kind of decisions. Studies have shown that people with a severe lack of nutrients and vitamins are more prone to making bad investments because they are not thinking straight. You can solve this issue by simply taking a natural supplement like Thyromine  on a daily basis. This remedy makes sure that your thyroid gland is working properly and distributing the right minerals to the decision-making centers in your brain.

Work with professionals. It is a good thing to take advice from friends and family for many matters regarding your life. However, when buying a property that will most likely be your home for at least the next decade, it is highly recommended that you ask for professional advice. Your grandfather may say that buying a home is for lazy people and that you should build it yourself from scratch, like he did. Although his efforts are appreciated, you do not want to do that.

Use Thyromine to take the best decisions

That was what they did 50 years ago when not even proper medication was around. Back then, if you were suffering from hypothyroidism you had better chances of ending up at the morgue before completing your house. Today, just by taking two pills of Thyromine you benefit from excellent health and high levels of energy every day, without worrying that your thyroid gland will stop working any time soon.

Negotiate hard. As a buyer, you are the one in control of the transaction. The seller will try to get as much money from you as possible and you have to prevent that. If you are suffering from brain fog, then it will be difficult to keep a clear mind during the negotiations and you will end up paying more than it is necessary. Make sure that your intake of Thyromine is regular and that you are focused on the transaction at all times. This supplement is made from highly-efficient natural extracts that ensure the right amount of nutrients is delivered to your whole body and that you have a clear head every time.