“You did an amazing job on this report. You are truly professional. Thank you for going out so quickly for me even in the bad weather. I’m so glad I had the home inspection. I’m very concerned that the home is going to take a lot to bring it up to where it should be. Thought I’d rent it out till I retired. I don’t think from your report though that the place would be safe to put someone in it.”

– Mary, Eureka

“Using the services of Six Rivers Inspections may have been the best decision I made during the home buying process. Their report was thorough, detailed and objective. Buying an older home can be risky, but Six Rivers Inspections reduced that risk by making me aware of the accurate condition of the home. Their report provided reasons for the severity of the conditions found and a general idea of the costs that could be incurred in repairing the conditions. This knowledge provided me a strong bargaining chip when negotiating the selling price of my home. Their fees are reasonable and their attention to detail saved me a bundle. I highly recommend Six Rivers Inspections to anyone purchasing an older home.”

– Stephen A., Eureka

“Denny, Your inspection was very thorough and the Smith family was very pleased with your services. Thank you for doing such a great job. The report was both organized, and easy to follow. The clear pictures helped us all to visualize the described area. Thank you for paying such close attention to details throughout. I definitely will continue to recommend your services in the future, and I know the Smith family will do the same!”

– Crystal Town, 8/16/10

“Easy for us to recommend Six Rivers Inspections, and Mr. Denny Waters. Time is seemingly no object as he prowls the property looking at all the details. His reports, with photos, and narrative, are “user friendly”, and written in plain English. Any follow up questions gladly answered or explained.”

– Joshua Kinch and Lez Waker
Owners/ Sweet Home Realty

“Six Rivers Inspections was prompt, thorough, and informative. I would use their service again.

David Callow

“Denny Waters of Six Rivers Inspections performed an inspection on my first home here in McKinleyville. He was very thorough and explained everything directly to me by showing and advising what needs to be repaired. He also provided very clear photographs which helped to later follow up on his inspection. He was kind, clear, and professional. I recomend him whole-heartedly. Thanks Denny!